Saturday, December 13, 2014

sisi lain #bajakjkt 2014

Implementation race # bajakjkt2014 terms of the number of participants is more successful than the previous year, this time followed by tens of thousands of participants.

But in terms of other, far below last year, this time not Sunday but Saturday where some residents jakarta many are on the streets, from the selection of the place is also detrimental to the environment, in the field bull, who is currently no major events, exhibitions of flora and fauna , many visitors, a dab start to finish the race takes place which is usually used as an exhibition visitor parking lot, in front of the ministry of finance public streets, these small race through the streets congested with traffic.

Due to poor perceived by road users and visitors of the exhibition, jams, hard to find parking.

Circumstances worsened occur during the day, when the race starts, because it does not get a parking spot, the participants and visitors parked on the street, in front of and beside the hotel Borobudur, a result which left more narrow road.

Very severe circumstances occur when the group race participants walked back to the start location, tens of thousands of participants who did not fast on his feet again, slowing down, panting, many scattered, passing through the narrow street, next to the hotel Borobudur. Worse yet, for the environment, the vehicle in front and beside the hotel borobudur not move, blocked totally by officers, should not be the way, he said "until the line of tens of thousands of participants through all", was not given an alternative path. Wow how long, the officer said "approximately one hour lah".

Fortunately there motorist in front of Borobudur who did not remain silent, they asked the clerk unblock at the intersection of the finance ministry, although not approved, the vehicle slowly moved slowly forward, hand in hand with runners, chaotic happens, many riders injured, irritated, by reflex cursed officers and participants with words is not good, that should not have happened.

Unfortunately yes international level competitions (seen from the host who wear Ingrris language), had to sacrifice the interests of the people, also the appearance of disorderly conduct of the runners, to the detriment of others, parking is not in place.

Successful the race, however unpleasant for the environment, do not pay attention to the environment. Why yes no such implementation in 2013 then? Held in the car-free protocol, car free day, on weekends again, day of the week.